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Music of Ethiopia

Ethiopian Music

Music of Ethiopia is a collection of various musical arrangements characterised by unique genres and traditional melodies. It is also further categorised by the many languages and cultures of the country. All these types of tunes are composed and performed using both traditional and modern instruments.

Ethiopian music is as diverse as the country’s cultures and languages. Popular music is performed in Amharic, Afan Oromo, Tigrigna, Guragnga and Welayita languages. Western music has also been influencing Ethiopian music in last couple of decades. Some artists have been combining Ethiopia’s wonderful melodies and poetic lyrics with western genres such as Reggae, Pop and Jazz to create amazing music.

Most popular Ethiopian musicians include Abby Lakew, Teddy Afro, Hachalu Hundessa, Mulatu Astatke among others. Sami Dan, Betty G, Wendi Mak, Yared Negu, Teddy Yo and Jano are some of the many rising Ethiopian musicians and ensembles.

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