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Ethio 7 Days Entertainment 2015

 Before & after the game during Ethiopian Soccer Tournament June 28 - July 4th 2015, Minew Shewa Etnertainment  are Hosting "Ethio 7 days Entertainment" indoor Festival will provided a full entertainment, comedy, concert, fashion, traditional artifacts and authentic food and many more @ the world famous "Coco Cabana" located in the intersection of University blvd & Riggs rd 2031A University Blvd E, Hyattsville, MD 20783.


“celebrating diversity” and “promoting the joy of unity” among Ethiopians in the Metropolitan DC area and Ethiopian from world wide! 

The Legends in concert features a lineup of highly talented most respected in Ethiopian music industry the biggest name Tewodros Tadesse, Tsegaye Eshetu, Netsanet Melesse, Tsehaye Yohannes, Aregahgne Worash and many more Ethiopian Artists. 

To get your exclusive 7 day VIP pass call: 202-817-8035


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